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An Open Letter to Donald Trump on Real Leadership

August 19, 2017 5:51 PM | Anonymous

August 18, 2017
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Dear President Trump,

This past week you let us all know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are unfit to lead this nation. You lifted up violent racists as reasonable and valuable members of this society, stating repeatedly that “both sides” are to blame for the bloodshed and chaos in Charlottesville. To be very clear, violent racists are not reasonable or valuable, and they are solely to blame for this horrific act that led to death, horror and injury for so many. Your lack of a moral compass is outrageous and showcases at best a stunning ignorance of our collective democratic values and at worst a willful disregard for the wellbeing of our nation. 

We are writing to let you know that while your leadership is an abject failure, the leadership of the people at the local level abides. We are grateful today that our nation is one that is built upon strong institutions at all levels, from the national to the local.  It is clear that our voices at the local level matter now more than ever.

We are writing to let you know that we wholeheartedly believe in the saying that a nation is not to be judged by the character of its leader but by the character of its people. We know that what you lack in moral fiber and aptitude for service, we the people are working to exemplify every day and every waking minute. And while you have consistently chosen to not stand up against violence and abuse, we the people will stand up.

We say no to horror. We say no to white nationalism. We say no to xenophobia and transphobia.  We say no to divisive, non-democratic rhetoric that scapegoats and vilifies our loved ones and neighbors. We will fight for our nation, and we will be strong and unwavering in our commitment to justice and equity.

It is clear that you will continue down an abysmal path that serves the narrowest possible interest: your own. While we shudder at the reality that the man currently entrusted with upholding our nation’s highest office is entirely incapable of doing his job, we will continue to work every hour of every day to make certain that this nation is one that welcomes and lifts up the health and wellbeing of workers, immigrants, blacks, whites, Jews, Muslims, transgender people, gays and lesbians. Moreover, we will continue to lift up the voices and wellbeing of women and men regardless of their race, religion or income level. We will, in short, do what you are incapable of doing, and that is to lead with heart and courage in a time of difficulty and great peril in our nation.


Brendalynn Goodall, President
The East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club

East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club. P.O. Box 10996, Oakland, CA 94610                    Contact us at: eastbaystonewalldems@gmail.com     

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